IMG 0593On 7th May 2015, within the Project Modern Information Services for Improvement Study Quality, a meeting of the working  group WP2 e-repository was held. Issues related to the DSpace software installation stage for the developing of institutional repositories were discussed during the meeting. At the same time, some problems encountered when installing Dspace were discussed and some decisions were taken in order to solve them.

     The participants presented a mini report with reference to the activities carried out on this issue. Suggestions and proposals were made by: Liubovi Karnaeva - national coordinator of the project; Ana Gudima - member of the working group; Alexandr Colesnicov, Octavian Tverdohleb, Igor Afatin - engineers of institutions participating in the Project.

List of participants

Report about the dSpace installation in the university Libraries from Moldova



Coordinator in UE:

Kretaviciene Meile,


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Coordinator in MD:

Karnaeva Liubovi,


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