IMG 0435A meeting of the representatives of libraries participating in the Project Modern Information Services for Improvement Study Quality with the representatives of  ExLibris company took place on March 12. Issues related to logistics and management of specialized library software implementation ALEPH were discussed.

The meeting was attended by Meile Kretaviciene - project coordinator, Daiva Jurksaitiene - the head of the working group W1 Creation of e-Library. Exlibris group was represented by: Ágoston Németh, Doina Ostafe, Zoltán Vadnai, Anikó Ézsiás, Christian Motovsky.

List of libraries partners from Republic of Moldova and the meeting materials are attached.

Project Kick-off Meeting


Meeting of WP2 E-repositories working group

     Within the Project Modern Information Services for Improvement Study Quality, the meeting of WP2 e-repository working group was held on March 2, 2015. Issues related to the installation of DSpace software for developing institutional repositories - one of the project objectives-were discussed during the meeting. Suggestions and proposals were made by: Liubovi Karnaeva - National project coordinator; Ana Gudima, Viorica Lupu - members of the working group; Alexander Colesnicov, Ludmila Malahov, Igor Afatin, Constantin Sclifos - engineers of institutes participating in the Project.

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On February 13, 2015 within the Project “Modern Information Services for Improvement Study Quality" a working meeting was organized by  the coordinator of project at national level - Liubovi Karnaeva , and members of working group  “E-repository” (Viorica Lupu,  Ana Gudima).
   The purpose of the meeting was to present the survey on diagnosis of situation of archiving university researches through institutional repositories in Republic of Moldova. The survey was developed by the coordinator of the working group "E-repository" - Dr. Virágos Márta (Hungary). This survey aimed at identifying the needs of the institutions participating in the project about the content and structure of institutional repositories, methods and techniques of e-publishing and archiving of scientific publications, selecting software for creating repository.
   The meeting was attended by the coordinator of project at  national level  - Liubovi Karnaeva (SUMPh "Nicolae Testemitanu", Scientific Medical Library) and representatives of academic libraries of RM responsible for creating e-repository in the institution they belong: Viorica Lupu (SAUM, Scientific Agricultural Library, member the Working Group "E-repository"), Ana Gudima (AESM, Scientific Library, member of the working group "E-repository"), Olesea Dobrea (SUMPh "N. Testemitanu", Scientific Medical Library), Valentina Nastas (TUM, Scientific University Library), Lina Mihaluta (Alecu Russo Balti State University USB, Scientific Library), Ala Corovai (MSU, Central University Library). As the meeting was hosted by the Chisinau “Ion Creanga” State Pedagogical University, Scientific University Library,  three representatives of this institution were present: Ecaterina Scherlet, Elena Pintelei, Adela Negură.


From 15 to 17 April, at the  Library and Information Centre of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (Kaunas, Lithuania), a training on specialized library software ALEPH for academic librarians of Moldova, participants in the project Modern Information Services for Improvement Study Quality will be held.

List of participants



This questionnaire for WP2. "E-repositories implementation" is made for the libraries, and it should be filled out by the library administration and management. The answers should be given in English in the electronic survey format for evaluation purposes.

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