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Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and

Pharmacy of the  Republic of Moldova SUMPh

Scientific Medical Library



Contact person: Karnaeva Liubovi         This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                                                                            + 373 22 20 55 53

                                                                            Fax: +37322 24 23 44

Internet address: www.usmf.md

Presentation of organisation

The SUMPh is the only university providing medical and pharmaceutical education in Moldova. It comprises of 5 faculties - Medicine nr.1, Medicine nr.2, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Continuing Education in Medicine and Pharmacy. More than 6000 students from Moldova and other 26 countries undergo their studies in 4 languages: Romanian, Russian, French and English. Education for students is organized in 3 levels: bachelor, residency and PhD. The main goal of the university is to  improve continuously the quality of education provided at these 3 levels in compliance with the standards and principles of ECTS and the Bologna process.

The Scientific Medical Library of SUMPh owns the most valuable medical informational resources in the country and provides informational/library services to the whole medical community of Moldova, first of all to students, residents master and doctoral students and academic staff of the University.

The role of the organisation in the project

The Scientific Medical Library of SUMPh intends to assure the information support for education and research processes, to improve and diversify the library services provided  to students, residents, master, doctoral students and academic staff and whole medical community; to develop the users’ information literacy; to broaden and facilitate the access to information resources; to modernize the library IT infrastructure; to create an Institutional Repository and to integrate the library into an unique academic informational space established within university libraries network in Moldova. All these activities will have a great impact on quality of medical education and research in Moldova and will help to achieve the European level of university libraries. 


Coordinator in UE:

Kretaviciene Meile,



+370 37 327 201

+370 37 327 219


Coordinator in MD:

Karnaeva Liubovi,



+373 22 205 552

+373 22 205 553