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On October 30, 2015 the conference summarizing the activities set out in WP2 - e-Repositories entitled "Creating institutional repositories - an opportunity for increased visibility  of Moldovan Universities in the  global information space" was held.
The meeting was opened by Ms Ecaterina Zasmenco, director of the Central University Library, Moldova State University who welcomed the audience.  Opening remarks were given by Ms Angela Niculiţă, vice-rector for International Relations assoc. prof. MSU and Mrs Virginia Revenco, Erasmus Coordinator in  Republic of Moldova.
The start of  communication session was given by members of WP2 e-repositories creation, Viorica Lupu  and Ana Gudima.
Towards the end of the conference moderators Viorica Gudima and Ana Lupu have read the recommendations on the further development of institutional repositories, created within the MISISQ project as follows:
1. Registration of institutional repositories in international registers ROAR, DOAR etc .;
2. Approval of Institutional Policy on Open Access and Rules of organization and functioning of  IR within the Senates of universities participating in the project.
3. Registration of Institutional Policy on Open Access in ROARMAP (Registry of Open Access Repository Mandatory Archiving Policies).
4. Developing of  technologically and content aspects of repositories;
5. Completion of user Guide for IR;
6. Inclusion in the Regulation on the organization and functioning of institutional repository of a section dedicated to relations with users;
7. Registration on the website handle.net.
At the end of the conference the word was given to Mrs Liubov Karnaeva, national coordinator of Tempus Project - "Modern Information Services for Improvement Study Quality", who highlighted the importance of this project for universities in the country and thanked the project partners, members of working group WP2 for their work, dedication and good results.
The conference materials are attached:


Разработка репозитория на базе Dspace: опыт Научно-Медицинской Библиотеки ГУМФ им. Николае Тестемицану

Использование метаданных Дублинского ядра в описание информационных ресурсов

Configurări în DSpace pentru personalizarea interfeţei repozitoriului digital

Organizarea și funcționarea repozitoriului instituțional: cadrul de reglementare

Arhivarea electronică în bibliotecile universitare: aspecte legale și de conținut

Repozitoriul instituţional în percepţia comunităţii academice

Conceptualizarea structurii repozitoriilor instituționale

Utilizarea instrumentului Google Analytics în măsurarea indicatorilor statistici: experienţa BŞ USARB


Institutional Repository in Medical Sciences

Open Research Archive USARB

Institutional Repository of Economic Knowledge

Institutional Repository of Moldova State University

Institutional Repository of Technical University University of Moldova

Institutional Repository in Agricultural Sciences

Digital Institutional Repository - SPU


Towards a global network of open access repositories for research and scholarship

Installation of DSpace and its incorporation into a network

OpenAIRE 2020

Development of Institutional Repositories in the university libraries of Moldova 

Report about the dSpace installation in the university Libraries from Moldova 

WP2. Questionnaire and summary for Moldova partner Libraries:

Questionnaire address - http://titan.lib.unideb.hu/drupalmulti/?q=tempus 

Summary - Moldova partner Libraries Institutional Repositories creating survey results and recomendations

WP2. Local working group meetings:

Working meeting of the group WP 2 E-repositories - 13th of February,2015 -http://misisq.usmf.md/index.php/en-us/events/157-working-meeting-of-the-group-wp-2-e-repositories

Meeting of WP2 E-repositories working group - 2nd of March, 2015 -http://misisq.usmf.md/index.php/en-us/events/159-meeting-of-wp2-e-repositories-working-group-march-2-2015

Meeting of the Working Group WP2 e-repository - 7th May, 2015 -http://misisq.usmf.md/index.php/en-us/events/188-meeting-of-the-working-group-wp2-e-repository


Proces-verbal nr. 6 din 15 octombrie 2015 al ședinței grupului de lucru e-repozitorii

Proces-verbal nr. 5 din 25 septembrie 2015 al ședinței grupului de lucru e-repozitorii

Proces-verbal nr. 4 din 7 iulie 2015 al ședinței grupului de lucru e-repozitorii

Proces-verbal nr. 3 din 7 mai 2015 al ședinței grupului de lucru e-repozitorii

Proces-verbal nr. 2 din 2 martie 2015 al ședinței grupului de lucru e-repozitorii

Proces-verbal nr. 1 din 13 februarie 2015 al ședinței grupului de lucru e-repozitorii

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Meeting of WP2 E-repositories working group

     Within the Project Modern Information Services for Improvement Study Quality, the meeting of WP2 e-repository working group was held on March 2, 2015. Issues related to the installation of DSpace software for developing institutional repositories - one of the project objectives-were discussed during the meeting. Suggestions and proposals were made by: Liubovi Karnaeva - National project coordinator; Ana Gudima, Viorica Lupu - members of the working group; Alexander Colesnicov, Ludmila Malahov, Igor Afatin, Constantin Sclifos - engineers of institutes participating in the Project.


Coordinator in UE:

Kretaviciene Meile,



+370 37 327 201

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Coordinator in MD:

Karnaeva Liubovi,



+373 22 205 552

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