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International Conference “MISISQ: Involvement, Creativity, Sustainability”

International conference "MISISQ: Involvement, Creativity, Sustainability" – Chisinau 27-28 September 2018

Welcome to the International Conference
“MISISQ: Involvement, Creativity, Sustainability”
to be held in Chisinau on September 27-28, 2018
We are looking forward to see you!


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Conference Date:  September 27-28, 2018
Conference Venue:  Bristol Central Park Hotel A.Pushkin St. 32, Chisinau
Submission Deadline:  July 15, 2018
Registration Deadline:  September 15, 2018

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For further information please contact the coordinator.
Email: Această adresă de email este protejată contra spambots. Trebuie să activați JavaScript pentru a o vedea.
Phone: +373 22 20 55 53


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The conference program is available here.

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1. Liubovi KARNAEVA (Chisinau, Republic of Moldova)

 MISISQ sustainability in the time

2. Linda BRAZE, Larisa LEVINOKA, Sarmite KRAUZE (Riga, Latvia)

 Implementation of the information search system in the Scientific Library of  Riga Technical University and other libraries of Latvia

3. Alexandra COJUHARI (Chisinau, Republic of Moldova)

Creating and reviewing authority records in the context of the Shared Catalog (LibUnivCatalog)

 4. Lina MIHALUŢA, Angela HĂBĂŞESCU (Balti, Republic of Moldova)

Articles from periodical publications and collections - important component of the shared catalog

5. Oksana BRUI, Iryna BANKOVSKA (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Prospects for shared cataloguing and joint representation of library resources in Ukraine

6. Irina GANGAN, Adela NEGURĂ (Chisinau, Republic of Moldova)

The authority control - quality assurance of electronic union catalog

7. Silvia HABAŞESCU (Chisinau, Republic of Moldova)

 Authority file name of persons: problems and solutions

8. Ala SUSARENCO (Chisinau, Republic of Moldova)

 Information retrieval in PRIMO ALEPH through effectiveness of the thematical subjects creation: case of Scientific Library of "Ion CreangăState Pedagogical University

9. Viorica LUPU (Chisinau, Republic of Moldova)

 Information retrieval systems evaluation methodologies


1. Liubovi KARNAEVA, Viorica LUPU (Chisinau, Republic of Moldova)

Digital repositories of the universities from Republic of Moldova – requirements and development perspectives

2. Alexandru COLESNICOV, Ludmila MALAHOV (Chisinau, Republic of Moldova)

Creation of the institutional repository at the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy

 3. Igor AFATIN, Lina MIHALUŢA, Tatiana PRIAN (Balti, Republic of Moldova)

Visibility and internationalization of USARB through the institutional repository

4. Elena CARPOVICI,Tamilla BAROV (Chisinau, Republic of Moldova)

Institutional repository in medical sciences of "Nicolae Testemitanu” State University of Medicine and Pharmacy in the view of the academic community

5. Irina CIORNAIA (Chisinau, Republic of Moldova)

The impact of institutional repository development on the researcher visibility: case study on „Ion Creangă SPU

6. Ecaterina ZASMENCO, Alla COROVAI (Chisinau, Republic of Moldova)

 The institutional repository as a research capital formation tool.Case of Moldova State University

7. Ana GUDIMA, Natalia CHERADI, Elena RAILEAN, Ina NICUȚĂ (Chisinau, Republic of Moldova)

Innovative tools to promote open electronic archives

  8. Cristina UNGUR (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)

Unique identifiers used in libraries



1. Elena HARCONIŢA, Elena STRATAN, Lilia ABABII (Balti, Republic of Moldova)

Information Literacy of the university librarian: trends and effects

2. Natalia ZAVTUR (Chisinau, Republic of Moldova)

 Impact of Information Literacy: the contribution of the university library

3. Mihaela STAVER, Ludmila RĂILEANU (Balti, Republic of Moldova)

Information Literacy in USARB syllabus

4. Vera SOBEŢCHI, Ludmila COSTIN, Viorica LUPU (Chisinau, Republic of Moldova)

Teaching the Information Literacy in the university libraries - essential element in the general lifelong learning

5. Elizaveta VEDEAN, Aliona OTGON (Chisinau, Republic of Moldova)

 Information Literacy in the context of lifelong learning

6. Silvia HABAŞESCU, Elena PANCRATOV, Svetlana STUDZINSCHI, Alla IAROVAIA(Chisinau, Republic of Moldova)

Information Literacy - a strategic objective in the activity of ASEM Scientific Library

7. Ecaterina SCHERLET (Chisinau, Republic of Moldova)

 The competences in the Information Literacy – a key factor in the quality education

8. Silvia CIUBREI (Chisinau, Republic of Moldova)

 Information Literacy of PhD Students: Case of Doctoral School in Medical Sciences



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Tour of the winery where you can see the whole process of winemaking.

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